Active WebCam

Active WebCam Version 11.6 Free trial

Monitor what is going around you and keep your property safe

Active WebCam reflects graphics up to nearly 30 frames / second via just about any video product including USB, TV - boards, analog cameras, network IP cameras or camcorders. This application broadcasts high - quality MPEG - 4 online videos from your personal computer and also can upload JPEG graphics to a FTP server. Broadcasting can be seen by utilizing just about any Web browser; zero plug - ins or downloads are needed. This Active WebCam is simultaneously recording and also broadcasting via limitless number of cameras.
Your own camera or cameras can be employed as the surveillance systems. If the program detects a motion in the supervised area, the burglar alarm will go off, you will get e - mail with taken photos, and the Active WebCam will start broadcasting, or recording the video.
Live broadcasting along with recording can be protected with password so you can be sure that all of the audio and video materials are safe and cannot be seen without having a valid password. This useful application has some great features that allow you to create the image overlays, dates and stamps. You can easily adjust size and quality of the images or use the zoom control.
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